About The Child Day Schools

“Since 1976, our preschools have utilized the most current educational programs within a caring and supportive community for children and families. What sets us apart is our unique curriculum and dynamic environments that spark children’s excitement and curiosity for learning.
R. Ann Whitehead

M.S. Educational Psychology, Exec. Director/Founder

The Child Day Schools’ Dynamic Programs

The Child Day Schools’ (TCDS) programs include the HighScope research based philosophy along with the Project Web curriculum. Our programs value and follow the guidelines of the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC’s) Accreditation Standards, including low teacher-child ratios. Our environments, similar to Montessori, promote children’s explorations. However, we also emphasize dramatic play, social interactions and creativity. Children engage in developmentally appropriate activities – promoting skills for kindergarten and activities to help them understand the world around them. With low teacher-child ratios, our nurturing and well-trained teachers support children throughout the day.

Our Administration Team

The Child Day Schools Administration team comprises the following team members:

R. Ann Whitehead, Executive Director/Owner
Brenda Thorne, Financial Administrator
Carmela Asuncion-Santos, Program Coordinator
Jeffrey Whitehead, Director of Marketing & Operations
Kathy Coletto, Director of TCDS Lafayette
Emil Delgado-Olson, Director of TCDS Moraga
Lindsay Clow, Director of TCDS Pleasanton
Jillian Miller, Director of TCDS San Ramon

We are a synergistic, collaborative team that meets throughout the year. We are always striving to improve our programs and administrative processes to support and improve our curriculum, staff training, communications and other areas crucial in the education and care of children and supporting families.

Maintenance, Technology, and Employment Issues

Fernando Garibay, Maintenance Manager
Stephen Whitehead, Technical Support / Employment Case Manager

History of The Child Day Schools

“About forty years ago, as an elementary school teacher with two small sons, I found very few choices for quality child care. This convinced me to make a career change, and accept a new challenge: to create an affordable child care program based on the most current research on how young children learn. In 1976, I purchased the Lafayette school and in 1981 earned a Masters degree in Educational Psychology focusing on early childhood education. My goal has always been to create the best educational programs while providing a nurturing place for children, those same qualities I had wanted for my sons. As we grow, we continue to serve families in communities across the East Bay with the same commitment to children as when I first began over forty years ago.
R. Ann Whitehead

M.S. Educational Psychology, Exec. Director/Founder

1976 Lafayette School Opened

The site on 1049 Stuart Street was an old carpet factory converted into a child care facility. HighScope curriculum was a good match with our philosophy and was incorporated into our curriculum.

1983 San Ramon School Opened

On a five acre ranchette in what was then the sleepy farmlands of San Ramon.

1989 Moraga School Opened

The town of Moraga needed child care and we were invited to create a school in the Rheem Valley shopping center.

1990 Antioch School Opened

We designed and built this special school from the ground up.

1997 Pleasanton School Opened

We remodeled an old building that was the site of three different child care centers.

1999 Hidden Canyon School

Located on our San Ramon site, this special school uses our integrated curriculum as a perfect complement to our project approach.

2021 45th Anniversary

Our Future

Our goal is to continue to improve our curriculum and enhance the lives of children, families and teachers.

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