The Child Day Schools Curriculum

Welcome to The Child Day Schools

We would like to give you an inside look into our unique approach to early childhood education. Since 1976, The Child Day Schools has provided the most current educational programs within a caring and supportive community for children, families and teachers.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Schools

Our curriculum is based on the HighScope research-based learning model. This curriculum is designed to spark children’s interest, excitement and curiosity for learning. Our dynamic programs encourage problem – solving, pre-reading activities, math, creativity, self- reliance, cooperation and much more.


Research proves that children are happy and successful when their programs are developmentally appropriate. Children thrive when they are:

  • Actively involved in their own learning.
  • Working at their own pace and level.
  • Provided with a well-organized learning environment.
  • Guided by knowledgeable and caring teachers.

Our Goal

Our goal is to enrich all areas of the child’s development represented as the five petals of our flower:

COGNITIVE – logical reasoning, problem solving
SOCIAL – developing friendships, cooperation
EMOTIONAL – security, self-esteem
PHYSICAL – motor skills, eye-hand coordination
CREATIVITY – art, dance, music

Project Webs

Project webs are exciting and fun learning adventures for children. Within a subject, such as bugs, children learn classification, pre-reading skills, counting, logical – reasoning and more. Project webs provide children with in-depth learning that they can use throughout their lives.

Active Learning – Work Time

Children problem-solve both individually and in groups, creatively express their ideas, participate in pre-reading and pre-math activities and learn important skills for working and playing together.

Small Group Activities

These activities are often planned to allow children to creatively explore important learning concepts, such as, logical reasoning, alphabet skills, numbers, and more.

Daily Routine

A consistent daily routine allows children to feel secure as they experience the predictability of their day. From large and small group times to outdoor play, each aspect is carefully planned to meet the needs of the children and reinforce the key learning experiences.

Music and Movement

Music and movement have always been an integral part of our curriculum.

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